Colloidal Silver

Distilled water

Also Aqua destillata, abbreviated Aqua dest
It is usually produced from tap water by evaporation and subsequent distillation.
+ Due to the high purity, it is well suited for the production of colloidal silver. The high energy and cooling water consumption and the associated higher price are to be seen as negative.

Aqua bidestillata - Abbreviation: Aqua bidest:

Twice distilled water to achieve higher purity.
Due to the very low conductivity, every production of colloidal silver should be extended by 3 minutes!
Attention: recent tests have shown that these waters can react very aggressively. This leads to a very strong formation of electrode sludge in silver, which can result in a loss of silver emission.
Therefore, we recommend the use of aqua, demineralized water and the cleaning of the electrodes according to instructions.

Demineralised water

Also demineralized, deionized water or deionized water, ultrapure water
Today, it is usually referred to as distilled water.
The extraction is generally made from drinking water through ion exchangers.
Since the production of "steam-distilled water" (see distilled water) is very energy-intensive and thus expensive, demineralized water is usually used today.
+ (++) Due to the high purity it is suitable for the production of colloidal silver, depending on the conductivity, good to very good.

Aqua purificata

Also purified water
The preparation can be carried out by various methods. Conductivity is below 4.3 μS / cm at 20 ° C
! Not to be confused with Aqua valde purificata = ultrapure water, conductivity below 1.1 μS / cm at 20 ° C
+ Due to the high purity but also the acceptable conductivity it is suitable for the production of colloidal silver.

Aqua ad iniectabilia

Also water for injection
Made of purified water or ultrapure water, sterilized.
++ Due to the very high purity, it is very suitable for the production of colloidal silver (depending on the conductivity). On the generally very high price we would like to point out here.
! Caution, occasionally water under this designation contains 0.9% NaCl. In this case it is physiological saline solution and is not suitable for the production of colloidal silver!

We generally recommend distilled water or demineralized water, which is suitable for medical purposes or laboratory applications. For distilled water from a DIY store or a drugstore, please follow the instructions.

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